Why Enterprises Should Use Custom Billing Software?


With a custom billing software, enterprises can keep up with the pace of the business. Owing to its numerous benefits, this software has become the buzzword among businessmen.

Enterprises often work in a cut throat environment. They have to constantly improve and adapt in order to thrive. Handling a large client base and their billings can be a challenging task. You have to revise payments on a regular basis. It is one of the most time-consuming jobs and even a slight mistake can cause huge financial losses. Not only you end up losing your money, but also your brand image. So, how to tackle this problem? Well, a custom billing software can come to your rescue.

Here are some of the reasons why you should be using it –

Automated Payments
Business in America lose up to 51.9% of the value of their receivables that are not paid within 90 days. Enterprises struggle on a daily basis to get payments on time. It involves a lot of unsuccessful phone calls, dodgy emails, and whatnot. Some people just find a way to delay payments. Most of the time, an enterprise is not prepared to deal with such clients. CloudBooks generates more than 10,000 invoices a day and saves clients 60hrs per month with its powerful automated tools.

A custom billing software like this allows you to make payments easily. It completely automates the process of collecting payments. It sends invoices directly to the clients, allowing managers to easily track due dates, pending payments, and levy late payment fines. With a custom billing software, you can easily set up different payment gateways for easy payments. This means currency and language are no longer an issue.
Record keeping is extremely important in matters of delayed payments. This is where custom invoicing can save you the most time. Using an online billing software, you can avail of cloud services. They not only store your records safely but send you timely reminders for irregularities in payments. A recurring well-formed invoicing system not only helps you but helps your client as well.

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Instant Invoicing
A lot of enterprises deal with a variety of clients, all of whom have different invoicing models. To cater to large client base with different invoicing is less profitable and more of a burden to accounting teams. This perception causes a lot of enterprises to drop clients with different invoicing models. A custom invoicing software empowers an enterprise to accept a variety of clients.

With a custom invoicing software, you can easily churn out invoices at your will. For example, you did some extra work for a client, and your accountant forgot to bill the overtime. Now, the only way to fix this is to request the client or use the next billing cycle. With a custom invoicing software, you can simply make a new invoice instantly and send it to your client.

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A B2B Heaven
Custom invoicing software are invaluable when it comes to business communication. They provide a single window through which you can deal with multiple clients at once. Most businesses struggle to manage their account effectively. With a custom billing software, enterprises can keep a record of everything they receive and send out – from estimates to perks.

It allows you to avoid the unnecessary friction that comes with billings. CloudBooks integrates with your communication platforms to manage clients easily. Using a custom billing software, you can send out all your documents in an efficient and timely manner. It sets a workflow for your enterprise that increases productivity and avoids confusion.

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