5 Reasons why Online Invoice Software is a must-have for Startups


Money matters! Although it is important at all stages of a business’s growth, it is a tad bit more critical in the budding stages of a new venture. Most startups operate within a very tight budget and rely heavily on client payments to meet daily business expenses. This makes an accurate and efficient invoicing system crucial to an establishment’s growth. Not only does it save time, but ensures regular inflow of cash and proper cash management. Do you think it’s easier said than done? Well, it is as easy as said if done using the right tool—online invoicing software.

In a startup, it is but normal for most employees to wear multiple hats and pitch in wherever they can support. Now, in a scenario where human resources are essential for most operations, why should you invest another resource or two for something that can be done faster using invoicing software for small business or free online invoice software. Still not convinced? Here are more reasons for you to switch to invoice software now:

1: Quick, easy and hassle-free

Online invoice software is the one-stop solution for all your invoicing needs such as creating invoices, sending invoices to clients, documenting cash flow and payment tracking. Outsourcing the task to technology ensures the process is fast efficient and error-free. Plus, you need not bother with paper documentation or creating software backups such as PDF files of invoices for future reference. The best invoice generator will help you manage invoices of both employees and clients with a few clicks using a simple cross-platform application.

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2: Easy to save data; easier to access it

The cloud-based online invoicing software allows you to save a huge amount of data for life. There is no need to store your business’s invoicing-related data on many devices or as numerous PDF files. All the facts and figures entered into your web-based invoicing software are automatically saved in the cloud and can be accessed at any time from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. What more? Some of the best invoice software offer cross-platform connectivity that allows you to virtually access the entire financial history and generate invoices even on your phone.

3: Ensures automated and accurate accountancy

Tracking and attending to pending credit and due payments is a herculean task. If gone wrong, it can do irreparable damage to your business’s cash-flow system. Invoice generator software ensures that no payment, be it to the client or from the client, goes unaccounted for. Online invoicing software not only creates automatic payment reminders for both you and your customers but is also integrated with many popular payment gateways to ensure a smooth payment process. For regular clients, you can set up recurring payment accounts and notify them of invoices in time, making the process easier for both parties.

4: Makes the world your oyster

Do not be held back by your geography or the currency you transact in. If the hassle of currency exchange is stopping you from spreading your wings into other geographies, then invoice software free could help you soar high. Most online invoicing options are well-integrated to a wide range of payment gateways making it easy to receive payments from anywhere in the world. The multi-language feature offered by some online invoicing software lets businesses create invoices in other languages, helping you communicate in your client’s language.

5: Pocket-friendly option

Expense sheets, budget cuts, hours of paperwork and dedicated staff—setting up and executing a physical invoice management system is an expensive task. Besides the cost involved in managing invoices manually, think about the amount of time wasted in doing so—the time and resources that can be invested elsewhere. Switching to free online invoicing software will not just save money but will also ensure you have an efficient invoice management system for your business.

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Online invoicing software is more than a mere invoice management tool. It can help you take off the burden of creating and maintaining invoice records while making sure that payments stuck in the pipeline do not go unnoticed. And then all the other benefits mentioned above. Embracing technology is no more a leap of faith but a well-thought move. The sooner you join the smart-technology bandwagon the faster you can grow.