A Guide to Choosing the Right Invoicing Template for Your Business


Finding the right invoicing template for your business can save your business valuable time and resources on a daily basis. Considering that invoicing is such an important aspect of any business, it is best to do it right. With invoicing templates available are all over the internet, whether you are using an excel sheet invoicing method, or have just begun to use an invoicing software, your work will become easy. However, the multitude of template options can leave you a little confused. The small business invoice template remains pretty standard but it can be dynamic.

So, here are a few basic things to keep in mind while choosing the right invoicing template for your business.

Keep the Branding Right
Regardless of what your business focuses on, the correct branding on invoices is the key to boosting your client base and reputation. Small business invoicing templates don’t have to be bland or irrelevant. From the perspective of the client, a shabby template doesn’t make a good impression about your business too.

This is why an invoice template should match your business and the industry standards. The invoice should follow your color scheme and have your logo at the top (and below the signature if required). If you don’t have a logo, your name and contact details should be mentioned to brand your invoice. The idea is to make your invoices recognizable.

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Pick the Right Invoicing Software
If you are using invoicing software, make sure it is curated for your business. For example, if you are running a legal firm, all invoicing software solutions might not cater to your specific needs. For this, you might want invoicing software that lets you build many templates at once, and notifies you and the client when the retainer is about to run out.

Similarly, for any other business, pick the invoicing software that will help you build invoices, and not make the process more difficult for you. Post purchasing any invoicing software, if you are spending more time on creating an invoice, this is a red flag. You can explore our invoicing software CloudBooks created especially those users who like to save time with easy invoicing.

Some Room for Customization
Even the best and most optimized invoice template might sometimes not do the job for you. Your client might request some additional service or add another column for their state tax collection. Whatever it may be, the structure of the invoicing template should not be restrictive.

This applies not just to the structure, but also other things like color scheme, lists etc. A restrictive invoicing template design will cause more problems in the long run.

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Classic is Always your Safe Bet
There are pretty good looking invoices out there, some of which you can use free of charge too. But, you need to ask if they are practical before zeroing in on one. If you think it will work for you, go ahead, but if you have the slightest of doubt, go with the standard, classic invoice. Just your basic, itemized list, contact information, tax details, payment information, and all the key things in a straightforward design is always a good way to approach invoicing templates.