Choosing the Right Time Tracking Software Made Easy


A time tracking software is a must-have for any business, especially small businesses. Most small business owners and employees are overworked and under timed.
When you are juggling with so many things at the office, you need someone or something to keep a track of it all. More so with remote work, as keeping a track on your work can become a surmountable challenge. And that’s exactly what time tracking software is for.

A personal time tracking software clocks the work you do, as you do it. It takes into consideration your daily tasks, records the time you spend on them and gives you a comprehensive report at the end of each working day.

Apart from the innumerable benefits, finding the right time tracking software is key to simplifying to creating accurate work reports. Here are a few tips to pick the best out of all:

Based on Operating Systems
Given the amazing benefits and increase in demand, a lot of free time tracking software PC, MAC, and mobile options have popped up. And all of them function differently as they have different operating systems, and functionality placement. If you are someone who works from home most of the time, then you might not necessarily need a cross platform time tracking software.

However, if you are somewhat of a gypsy and like to work on the go, a time tracking software with an iOS or Android mobile application will do you better. Further, it is important to understand that the best time tracking software for Mac may not be the best overall. So, narrow your search based on the operating system you use and not necessarily on overall rankings.

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The Right Fit for your Business Operations
There are many ways to use a time tracking software, it is a multi-faceted software. For example, a small business could be using this software to supervise task progression, while a freelancer may be using the same software for personal time tracking.

Similarly, even within a business the software could be used either for timesheets, or for supervising. So, pick a time tracking software that fits into the spectrum of utility you want. If you are unsure, it is better to start off with a wholesome time tracking software that can do standalone time tracking but also integrates well with your systems.

Look for Integrations
Although most freelancers would happily go for a free standalone time tracking software, integrations always help. How?

Well, picture this: you have a standalone time tracking software that is tracking the time you spent on a project via timesheets. When you bill your client, however, you will be manually entering the number of billable hours and wasting time referring to these timesheets. If you get a time tracking software that integrates with your invoicing software, then you can set up automatic billing. This will not only save you time, but also help you avoid any unfortunate errors.

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Monitoring Control for Management
Even if you are a one person business, it helps that you have a time tracking software that monitors your pace and productivity at work. Monitoring control for management is not just for huge corporations. Everyone from a freelancer to a small business needs some mode of supervision.

Choose a time tracking software that keeps a check on the time spent idle during particular tasks. And if there is a certain pattern to the nature of these tasks, a time tracking software will help management recognize it and work to fix it.

Set your Budget
There are several free time tracking software PC, Mac, Android, iOS options available. However, if you are looking for a customized fit, you may want to take into consideration your budget.
Hope these tips help you choose the right time tracking software for your business.