How Consultants Can Pick The Best Invoicing Software


With so many good options out there, it is not easy to pick the best invoicing software. Consultants, especially end up with the shorter end of the stick when it comes to invoicing. There are just so many aspects to take care of, and no online invoicing software to pack them all.

A lot of invoicing for consultants revolves around contracts, and that may be recurring or periodical depending upon the nature of the project. The payment is determined by the time they allot to a particular project.

From time tracking reports to contractual obligations, consultants have many factors to fill in on online invoicing software. Let’s look at a few things consultants look for in to determine the best invoicing software for their business:

Automatic Invoicing
Consultants tend to renew contracts a lot but the billing cycle is usually shorter. So, every week or month, instead of creating a fresh invoice for the same contract, they automate it. They choose customized invoicing software for consultants that helps automate the process. Meaning, a standard invoice is generated against every new customer or client they bag, or for recurring projects or similar projects.

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Time Tracking
Most consultants get billed by the hour. Granted, this depends on each individual contract, but most of the time, this is the case. To improve the accuracy of billing, time tracking is a must. Consultants naturally gravitate towards invoicing software that allows time tracking within the invoicing software.

Time tracking accurately has many benefits for any working professional. But time tracking on online invoicing software makes it extremely easy to generate accurate invoices ensuring payments are done on time. It is also beneficial for consultants not getting paid by the hour. The invoicing software enables users to set up better estimates on projects, and use their resources wisely.

User Friendly Interface
Due to the changing nature of some projects, consultants have a lot of inputs and edits to make during invoicing because their business is so fluid. To make last minute edits and corrections, online invoicing software comes in handy. Its user friendly interface is a bonus. It allows them to quickly navigate through the software and create fresh invoices in a matter of minutes, without having to fumbling through Excel sheets.

Multiple Payment Methods
Business consultants like to work with diverse markets across the globe and add as many stars to their lapels as possible. When they do that, the one thing that can restrict them from expanding their horizons are the inconvenient mechanisms for overseas and diverse payments.

This is where invoicing software for consultants shine by enabling multiple payments methods or channels for each invoice. These channels are directly available on the invoice, and allow immediate payment transfers. It helps consultants get payments on time and securely.

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Advanced Invoicing
Consultants always are looking to make new additions to their standard invoicing, be it in terms of the look or the structure. Depending on the clients, and the projects, consultants create unique invoices that adhere to the functioning of the project. For this they tend to choose an invoicing software that isn’t restrictive in its functioning.

For example, consultants might want to add multiple columns on an erstwhile single columned template. Invoicing software that accommodates structural changes is the best bet for consultants.

If you are a consultant, looking for the best invoicing software for your business, it is best to follow the above tips as a guide to your search. You can also take a look at CloudBooksApp, which is one of the most sophisticated invoicing software on the market today.