How To Increase Facebook Reach – 4 Tips

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about how to increase your Facebook reach and four tips to help your Facebook posts get seen by more people. So understanding Facebook reach is important because if you’re doing a lot of posting on Facebook but you don’t have a very strong reach, nobody’s seeing your content. And so obviously if you’re putting in the effort to make a post, you want people to see it. So let’s talk about four ways that you can do that.

1: Increase your user engagement with your posts.

One metric Facebook looks at when they determine where to show your post in different people’s feeds is engagement. So it’s important to have reactions to your posts, likes, comments, shares, all of these things are indicators of engagement and are going to help your posts be seen by more people. So here’s a couple tips in order to increase engagement. Maybe ask your employees to engage, follow your content, like content, comment. Ask your customers to, friends and family as well. And then also consider doing Facebook boosting by doing a little paid ads, paid boosting behind your posts. It’s going to get that post out in front of more people as well, hopefully, get you some more of those reactions and engagements that you need to have Facebook really look at your posts as something they feel like they should show to other people in their feeds.

2: Getting your posts seen by more people

With regards to Facebook reach, kind of piggybacking off the engagement piece, one thing Facebook looks at is if the users engaged with your posts in the past. So basically what Facebook is doing is they’re saying, “Hey, you engaged with this type of content in the past, so we’re just assuming that you’ll like this kind of content in the future, so we’re going to show you this post.” So by increasing your engagement and kind of getting that on a consistent basis with your followers, when you do new posts in the future, Facebook is going to go ahead and connect the dots and show that post to those previous users and thus increasing your reach. So some key tips here would be to be consistent with your content, to stay on topic so that your posts have some consistency and your followers have some consistency and so if they like the type of content that you’re posting, just basically keep doing it because Facebook will continually show that post to those people.

3: Increases the recency of your posts.

So one tip here would be to increase your consistency and frequency of your posts because the more recent your posts are, the more Facebook is going to be likely to show it to people. Basically, Facebook’s assuming the older your posts get, the less relevant it is. So if you’re not posting very frequently in other words, if you’re just posting once a week, you’re getting buried in the feed. So you really want to post at least once a day, if not more. Ideally, when people wake up, when they eat lunch and when they go to bed, those are typically the best times that you’re going to be at the top of people’s feeds and therefore they’re going to be able to see your posts and increase your reach.

4: Improve negativity.

If Facebook sees that people are hiding your post, marking it as spam, submitting complaints about it, obviously they’re going to show less of your posts in the future and knock down your reach. So the tip here is to make sure that you stay on topic. Don’t get outside of the scope of your topic. Make sure you stay on topic because that’s why people follow you in the first place. Don’t be spammy. Don’t be salesy. Really at the end of the day, add value. If you’re adding value with your content, your followers will not do those things, those negative reactions and therefore not penalize you when it comes to Facebook reach.

A bonus tip is Facebook Live Video. Facebook Live Video gets extra treatment from Facebook. It shows it to more people. When you’re alive, it’s kind of broadcasted to everybody and so if you have Facebook Live Video opportunities, definitely take advantage of them. That being said, don’t do a live video just for the sake of doing live video. It just always comes back to add value. If you’re adding value, you’re going to get the engagement, the likes, the followers that you need and your reach is going to continually grow over time.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully, this post on Facebook reaches helps you understand how Facebook determines who to show your post to and when they do it. Hopefully, these insights help you better understand the system and how you can maybe make some tweaks with your marketing content strategy to increase your Facebook reach.