12 Pitfalls Every Small Business Owner Should Avoid

Any entrepreneurial venture, however sound it may look on paper, always has potential for missteps, mishaps and mistakes. Every business owner, however learned in the ways of management, will from time to time find himself in sticky situations. Being successful at business is a tightrope act, one that can reap great windfalls or leave you in ruin. While dreaming of the former, a business owner should never lose sight of what might happen if the latter came to pass. (more…)

Best Project Management Software and Tools – 2018

Are you deciding on implementing a project management software for your business? This comparison will really help you to choose the best one out there. Listed popular ranked Project Management Software based on Alexa rankings: (more…)

Time Tracking Software For Small Businesses

Technology has made it so that many innovative breakthroughs have been made to aid small business. One of the most significant tools is time tracking software for small businesses. Although some people might not see the merit in tracking the amount of time spent on certain tasks, the advantages can be many. Time tracking software for small businesses can help make the businesses more effective in various ways. (more…)

Effortless expense tracking

What are expenses? It's just as important to track money out, as it is to know how much cash you have coming in. Here's how you can use CloudBooks to keep track of expenses. What are expenses? Expenses are when you've paid personally for a business cost. (more…)

Easy Invoicing tips

Your invoices are part of the way you communicate with your customers so making sure they look good is important. It's easy to create professional, branded invoices in CloudBooks. We've set up a few templates to get you started. Just choose a template design, insert a logo and you're all set up! (more…)