Help your clients pay you on time

Check out our Chief Accountant Mark's five tips to help you get paid on time 1. Invoice promptly Make it part of your weekly routine to send invoices to your customers, so that you never get behind with your invoicing. Send your invoices by email rather than printing and posting them. It’s quicker, cheaper and more environmentally friendly. (more…)

7 Ways to Get Your Invoices Paid on Time

Managing to get payments on time is often a huge problem for small business owners. Online payment services have blossomed all over the Web to help businesses and consumers exchange money electronically. Thanks to these services, businesses can receive payments from virtually any customer with an email account from around the world. (more…)

Money Managing Tips for Small Businesses

Money Managing Tips for Small Businesses They say money makes the world go round. Well, they could be right considering the fact that it plays a huge role in deciding your success and social status. The modern world is all about making money, by hook or by crook. Handling moolah, however, can get real tricky, especially with the complexities and confusions involved in dealing with it. (more…)

CloudBooks for Accounting

Are you looking for low-cost accounting services that will enable you to do your own bookkeeping?  If you want to keep your financial documents as organized as possible so that you can review a specific invoice or an overview of all of your accounts instantly, Cloudbooks online accounting software is the answer.  Gone are the days where small business owners keep drawers and file cabinets full of financial records and paid invoices.  (more…)

How to Choose the Right Time Tracking Software for Your Business

In this day and age where time is money, businessmen need to ask themselves if they can afford to waste any of it. Any sane person would answer in the negative. We all know that time and tide wait for none. A lot of us wish for a 25th hour in the day just so that we could somehow squeeze in a few more pending tasks and take them to completion. (more…)