How to Foster Innovation


It’s a common phrase thrown around in the business world. And for the most part it is true. The companies that innovate on the right things are the ones with sustained success. If some companies don’t innovate, small disruptive companies will eventually take their market share.

But this isn’t the case for all industries. (more…)

A new beginning

sdfi CloudBooks is accounting software. Simple online invoicing software for small business and freelancers. We help you take care of online invoicing, and time tracking and project management.

As small business owners ourselves, we know what its like. We know clearly that cash flow is king. We understand the pressure of trying to spend quality time with your kids when your tax return is due tomorrow. (more…)

7 Way to Business networking

jkxdfdiToday networking is a king for a business. There is a fair chance that every second business owner would have come up the ladder, connecting with people and networking with fellow business owners or people around.

Networking has its way of rewarding enthusiastic business owners that are noob. It might work well for businesses that have spent some time on the field already. It works for anyone. So how networking helps and benefits you? (more…)