Billing And Invoice Software


Generating estimates and the management of invoices and billing can be time consuming. It doesn’t matter if you’re a contractor, freelancer, writer, legal professional, etc. The success of your operations is directly tied to effectively tracking hours, expenses and complying with standard business and government regulations. (more…)

Time Tracking Software For Freelancers


Freelancers essentially are independent contractors who must manage all aspects of their business. From providing an actual service to their clients to completing marketing, accounting and other related tasks, freelancers can easily become stressed and burdened by looming deadlines. The last thing you may want is to miss a deadline or to realize at the last minute that something urgently requires your attention. There are several options for time tracking software for freelancers that can help you to stay organized and on track with your responsibilities.


Time Management Tips for Small Business Entrepreneurs that Actually Work

Time Management Tips for Small Business Entrepreneurs that Actually WorkIf you’re an entrepreneur (or waiting in the wings), you’re probably aware of certain qualities and skills which are important to the success of your business. While some people are born with these qualities, many others develop them subconsciously during their formative years, while there are a few who need to make a conscious effort to learn them. (more…)

Stop using email to double your productivity

stop using mail

There is life beyond email. And it’s much better than what you have now.

Listen to this story. I lived for my email.

My main task of the day was to leave my tray to zero.

Also, I felt a true ninja mail. Responded minutes after receiving one. Hundreds of email folders.

I’m a monster, a beast. A crack. The good thing about having a smartphone is that you can always watch. (more…)