Get More Customers with Online Marketing


To get more customers into your online marketing plan, it is essential that any company has a good strong internet presence. However, with so much competition in the network how can you make a business that is different and stands out from the others? And how can the company know that your investment in online marketing is profitable?

Here I point 4 tips to get more customers with an investment of time and money relatively small:
Get more customers with your website business with little effort (more…)

How to apply VAT on invoices to customers in European Union


If you have ever had to sell a product or service to a customer in another EU country, you may have wondered how you must issue the invoice.

Do you do that invoice with or without VAT? And if so, what kind should apply?

All purchases of goods or services within the European Union are called intra-Community transactions, and must follow the procedure is very simple.

But about ours. There are two possible scenarios when you issue an invoice to a customer in the EU. (more…)

6 common techniques to waste time at work


Wasting time is in our nature. We can not avoid. Of course, it is not something we want. If this were not so, there would be many articles on how to work more efficiently.

Most of us waste time without being aware of it. The dreaded procrastination is part of our daily life, even for those who have the best intentions.

However, the first step we must take to solve a problem is admitting you have one. Or, if you think you have no problem, you should rethink surely. (more…)

9 Business Lessons You Won’t Learn in B-School

9 Business Lessons You Won’t Learn in B-SchoolSo you’re fresh out of a business school with stars in your eyes, and armed with all that textual knowledge you feel ready to take on the world. And why not? After all, that’s the trend, right? You attend the best B-school there is, ace your exams, and either land yourself the best job, or start your own venture! (more…)

Collect your bills with PayPal and 2checkout


A few weeks ago we present our integration with 2checkout, a payment gateway that allows you to charge directly by credit card.

2checkout and PayPal are two payment methods you could use in CloudBooks to collect your bills faster.
However, only you could have turned one of the two runways at the same time.

Top challenges for small business


According to new study, it was found that only 51% of business runs beyond their first few years. Every business owner has been facing biggest challenges and many problems like government; political, etc. which are stopping their feet to grow up. (more…)

The Web – Savior of Small Businesses

Web - Savior of Small Businesses

Today’s super competitive market place does not allow for small businesses to take it easy. The big boys in the arena are always upping the ante in terms of their products, services and costs. Small businesses are left with no option but to compete in the cut-throat market or perish. The first accounting software to help small businesses was launched back in the 1990s. People then were still trying to come to terms with the Goliath that was the Web. A little more than two decades later online tools are becoming the difference between the survival and collapse of a business. (more…)

Everything You Need to Know about Tracking the Money Trail

Everything You Need to Know about Tracking the Money TrailStarting a business is scary, gruelling, exhilarating, and often an overwhelming experience. It undoubtedly is one of the most important and risky investments of your life. The process of setting up a business and ensuring its day-to-day sustainability and functioning is an incredibly time consuming process. This can often lead to the business owner overlooking the broader and long-term factors that could make or break the business. (more…)