New Feature – Send Invoice to Multiple Contacts

Send Invoice to Multiple Contacts:

We have enabled multiple clients invoice emailing feature:

Now you can send the Invoice to the main contact and also CC to another contacts. You just need to check mark the contact you wish you send invoice. Please see below screenshot.

Add multiple contacts to invoice

4 Things that Retard the Functioning of QuickBooks

No doubt, QuickBooks is extremely instrumental accounting software for small and big organizations, finance managers and chartered accountants. It has indeed made accounting a cakewalk. In fact, all the good things stated about this program are true in all perspectives. But, it is also undeniably true that the moment some technical glitches get developed in it, its users start crying foul. But, QuickBooks alone is not to be blamed for all the miseries that its users have to face on a day-to-day basis. The users of this program also make contributory negligence that leads to a catastrophic situation. If you are among those QuickBooks users who want to know about the common pitfalls and avoid these in order to enjoy working with this financial tool without any hurdle or discomfiture, you should avoid doing the things discussed below: (more…)

How to Leverage Twitter as a Freelancer

How to Leverage Twitter as a Freelancer
There are many social networks that are being used by business communities as well as individuals in order to gain more clients and business. Twitter is also the prior one which individuals look for when searching for new ventures and clients. It is an effective tool to promote the products and services to your followers. Each time we post on twitter there is a mass crowd which get to know about the services and offerings, so it has to be used strategically.