What are #hashtags and how to use them properly?


For beginners on social networks, Hashtag can be a nebulous thing. If you want to develop your digital presence, shed light on this tool and understand the use will be of great help. Indeed, Hashtags can help create a stronger and more focused engagement with your prospective customers or subscribers on social networks.

Let’s do Cross-border business with international SEO

International SEOIt is common in the business world that the country itself remains small and need arise to cross the border and embark on a global adventure.

Precisely to make this task easier with international SEO, the best SEO professionals will put at your disposal to make your international position in web more efficient and overcome with the top of the rankings in all major search engines.

What is International SEO

Internationalization refers not only to export your products, but also about giving your company known in the international market. To do this, you need your business to be promoted via the web, as it is the best way for customers from other countries will be able to access your company. (more…)

Is your business on Google Plus; if not, think again!

google plus

google plus

Most likely you have used a product of Google, for your business, such as Gmail to manage your email, the Blogger platform to develop your corporate blog, the Google Maps listings to your business in the online map many more.. Google is everywhere around us.

Survey of 2014 classifies Google+ is in the 2nd place after Facebook, and the statistics are indeed impressive and promising: more than 500 million people are enrolled in Google+ and approximately ⅔ of them are active users.

As this platform increases the impact and popularity, it is important to understand the value they can gain your business, if you utilize Google+ correctly: (more…)