Every Sole Trader Should Use These Free Invoice Software


Sole proprietors are constantly looking for a simple invoicing software to streamline their payments. With number of options available, choosing the right one can be difficult. To make things easier, we have listed some of the best free invoice software.

As a sole proprietor, the success or failure of the business rest entirely on your shoulders. Therefore, you must stay on top of your finances. A free invoice software offers simple solution to help sole traders work faster and smarter. From keeping record to making bookkeeping easy, a free invoice software can do it all. This software not only allow you to generate invoices with your branding and personal style, but also provide you with sole proprietor invoice templates.

Let’s take a look at some of the best free invoice software –

CloudBooks invoice software provides you with a multi-faceted platform. This software offers a free of cost plan for sole traders, who are looking to create invoices according to their requirements. They generally serve different types of clients, and even have to make use of two or more templates for the same client. CloudBooks makes this frustrating process easy. It allows you to create client specific invoices. You can even use this software to keep a track of the expense and time to make error-free invoices.

ReliaBills offer unlimited invoices along with the tools to generate recurring invoices without any added costs. You can even use it to send automated reminders via email to your clients. It is basically a client management platform that streamlines the invoice generation and payment collection process. You can make your own templates and designs for a branded experience using ReliaBills. You can generate client specific invoices and edit them whenever you want.

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Invoicera has taken invoicing up a notch. It offers a free plan for a lifetime to cater to the needs of small businesses and sole traders that are starting out. This software allows you to generate invoices and scale, depending on your requirement. Invoicera offers many paid premium tools for businesses, looking to expand. It even provides a quick solution for all their invoicing needs.

Nutcache is a supreme invoice generation software that also allows you to manage and track your projects. Being a sole trader, you might have come across situations wherein you are left frustrated. This is where Nutcache comes into the picture. By using this software, you can save time by following a more centralized approach. It makes accurate invoicing possible with integration of expense tracking, time tracking and invoicing. It is a one-stop solution for all sole traders out there.

Wave Accounting
Wave Accounting is a free invoicing software. You can choose from many invoicing templates to provide all kinds of invoices including standard, debit and mixed. Nothing is impossible with this solution. You can easily create and professional invoices with advanced features like recurring bill and automatic payments.

Brightbook is another great free software for sole traders. You can instantly sign up for a free account and import all your financial data to integrate with your new invoicing templates. Brightbook makes accounting a cakewalk with its easy to use tools and selective access platform. Being a completely free software, it is one of its kind. It allows multiple users with uncompromised security and privacy methods in place.

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5 Ways a Billing Software Can Save Your Time And Money


Billing software is all the buzz these days. Small business that were crumbling due to expensive bookkeeping have found the solution in billing software.

Billing is an important function of every business no matter how big or small. From tax rebates to budgets, billing affects virtually every aspect of an organization. Keeping track of the constantly occurring expenses is difficult, requiring immense focus and concentration when done manually. But, even after all the hard work, at times errors do crop up, which can result in complications. However, there is a solution which can make the process better. With a billing software, you can automate this tedious task and make it error-free and efficient. This way, you can also save as much as 73% of your time.

Here are five ways in which a billing software can make your business efficient –

A thoroughly Automated Experience
Online billing software has automated the process. Billing no longer needs hours of checking and rechecking. With so many repetitive tasks, the process was a frustrating for most people. But a billing software can do it all without any problems. From creating invoices to finalizing budgets, the software does it all. This software can complete a highly complicated accounting process in no time. Business have for long relied on spreadsheets and erroneous methods managing money. Now you can do it easily by integration of a few tools with a billing software.

Save money with Efficient Billing
Invoicing is not a department specific job. Each department files in its own hours to provide a wholesome database that eventually goes for billing. This depends on the projects and clients you work with. With a billing software, you can automatically track the time and expenses. With this, you can make accurate bills that keeps your from losing money due to manual errors. Billing software also allow you to link payment channels with invoices that makes receiving payments easy. Just imagine the time you spent asking for overdue payments, and the money you lose due to inaccurate billing. A billing software can help solve those issues.

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Distribution Made Easy
Managing budget and financials is a huge task for businesses. Especially for a small business, because you barely have the time to do anything apart for maintaining the quality or your product or service. Using a billing software, you can easily manage internal financial reporting through automated billing. You can integrate your billing software with your communication channel or software to add mailing lists and generate easy invoices for every department. Employees can file in their working hours and estimates using a billing software.

Performance matters, both in the short and the long run. Sometimes, businesses go off the rails without realizing what went wrong. To fix this issue, a billing software generate automatic reports for management and staff to equip them with the key performance indicators through the billing channels. This means your financial activities remain in check, and you no longer have to waste your time looking at endless spreadsheets to make good decisions.

Payments in a Jiffy
The best part about billing software is that they set the right atmosphere for your clients to make quick and easy payments. A billing software lets you optimize your bills and invoices according to your client’s needs. This means adding endless payments channels right inside the invoice, which allows your clients to pay quickly through the channel of their choice.

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5 Common Questions About Online Invoice Software Answered

questions about online invoice software

Online invoicing software makes it easier to manage sales, create invoices, receive and keep track of payments among other things. Here we have answered the five most commonly asked questions.

In this day and age, online invoice software is essential for the smooth functioning of a business. The software acts as your bookkeeper, budget handler, expense tracker, and most importantly as an accurate analyst. An online invoicing software can keep business processes systematic. You will be able to send and create invoices without errors while keeping track of the financial information.

Many people are still not satisfied and have questions about online invoicing software. Here we have answered the five most commonly asked questions.

Is an Online Invoicing Software same as an Invoice Template?
The answer is – No. An online invoicing software is a platform that lets you make invoices at your whims and fancies. Inside an online invoicing software, you will find many invoice templates. But that doesn’t mean an online invoice software is just a file of invoice templates. An online invoicing software lets you edit, schedule, and build invoices from the scratch. The invoice template in the traditional sense is just a spreadsheet document with some columns marked on it, depending on your business. An online invoicing software is a platform that includes not just the template, but the transaction database and the various tools.

Is Online Invoicing Automated?
Yes! Online invoicing is a seamless and automated experience for all things related to accounting. With an online invoice software, you can schedule various invoices on multiple dates at once. You can directly link your bank account with the online invoicing software to automatically generate invoices. You can even link your client’s bank account through an invoicing software to get timely payments. Setting up an online invoicing software allows you to automatically generate recurring invoices for your clients. The software also allow users to set reminders for payment.

Are Invoice Details Safe Online?
Most online invoicing software use state-of-the-art security services to maintain and protect their data. With a cloud based invoicing software, users can also create multiple backups of their entire transactional history. Online invoicing software use various security models like SSL protection and secure servers to protect sensitive information. An online invoicing software allows you to control access of invoices, and lets you track that access. This means you can limit or revoke access for subordinates.

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Can Invoicing be Customized?
Of course, online invoicing is all about customization. You can even customize the payment options. Online invoicing software come with tools that allow you to personalize each invoice for your client’s needs. With an online invoicing software, you can set up multiple invoices in sync with the client’s invoices and bookkeeping. You can even generate sample invoices for client’s approval and add estimates and quotes and later convert them into serialized invoices. Generating invoices online is not only easy, but fun!

Online Invoicing is Too Expensive?
There are a numerous free online invoicing software available today. So, the answer is no. Online invoicing is the cheapest method to manage your company’s bookkeeping. In fact, it makes so many aspects of doing business easy, that the equivalent manual labor could cost you five times the monthly subscription of an average online invoicing software.