Important Key Aspect of Every Billing Software

Important Key Aspect of Every Billing Software:

In every business, a structured billing system is crucial if you desire to keep a vigorous track of bills to clients, bills from traders and the some other various bills that are for all time part of an organization’s activities. Those days have vanished when we used to take prints of manual bills and stock up them in a file. Most organizations are nowadays determined towards a paperless office and trying to trim down reliance on workers by going in for more and more sophisticated automatic systems. (more…)

An overall review of Online Invoicing Software

It is believed that the World Wide Web’s life runs much earlier than life in the real world. With this in psyche it is presumed that it’s well worth taking a look at the time and money that can be saved by moving your business practice to the web. Let’s take a speedy look at online invoicing to see how it compares to customary software, how straightforward it is to execute and how it might be used to perk up business competence. (more…)

Understanding Small Business Accounting

Understanding Small Business Accounting:
Understanding small business accounting
When you saw the heading word accounting, what’s your reaction? Odds are unless you’re an accountant or bookkeeper you’re not very excited to hear that word. Because of that reason accounting can be a blind spot for many small business owners. Unfortunately it’s something that deserves your attention and we do need to spend some time working on. First of all let me define what I mean by accounting. (more…)

Marketing Mistakes Freelancers Make

In this blog post I’m going to be talking about the no-results-producing work. Okay, so you probably know what I’m talking about already. When we get started as freelancers, what do we do? We jump on social media, we talk about our new thing that we’re looking to do and we built this website and we spent all this time putting together a portfolio. Let me ask you: Why do we do this? Is this going to get us a customer in the shortest amount of time? No, it’s not. (more…)

Business Entity Types for Small Businesses

Business Entity Types for Small Businesses:
Business Entity Types for Small Businesses

In this blog post, I’ll be discussing the various types of legal entities that you might want to use to structure your small business. Parts of what I will share with you may apply to many countries. However, for simplicity’s sake, the entity names and structures I’ll use are specific to the current options available in the United States. The options available to you will vary considerably according to the law of the country or even the region that you live in. For this reason, I strongly recommend you seek the advice of qualified legal and accounting professionals when it comes to choosing your business entity type. (more…)

Freelance 101: How to Start Freelancing

The topic of today’s blog post is going to be Freelancing 101. As you may have guessed, this is somewhat of a basic type of blog posts, so intermediate and advanced freelancers this may be a little bit easy for you guys. For those of you who are just getting starting, or who are new to freelancing, maybe thinking about jumping in and starting a business, this will be the perfect material for you to read early on.

Specifically in this article I want to talk about three things that apply to starting a freelance business. I want to talk about creating a plan, a business plan, marketing plan, freelancing plan, whatever you want to call it. I want to talk about establishing your freelance business, both legally and in a few other ways. Finally, I want to talk about getting started, jumping in, doing things, and how you can make that happen sooner, and with better results. (more…)

Setting Prices for Products and Services

Setting Prices for Products and Services:
private rate

What should you charge? This is a very common problem for small business owners. You’re not quite sure what you should ask people to spend on doing business with you. This is especially challenging if you’re a new business owner, and you don’t even have a customer yet. There are lots of different analytical, deep methods to figuring out a pricing strategy. In this blog I want to share with you four quick tips that will get you started on the process. It’s not an exact science anyway.

Staying on Top of Your Business Cash Flow

Staying on Top of Your Business Cash Flow:
 Staying on Top of Your Business Cash flow

Today, we’re going to talk about cash flow. As the old adage goes: cash is king in business. So if this is the case, then cash flow is the lifeline. However, there will be times, especially as a small business when you will experience a cash flow shortage that will have you feeling more pauper than prince. This is normal, but it’s important to keep on top of it as soon as possible. (more…)

Social Media for Small Business

Social Media for Small Business:
social media cloud

Often I’ll get asked by business owners about social media, in particular, business owners want to know, “Should we get involved in social media? If so, which ones are the right ones to invest our time and money in?” Social media is a powerful tool, in particular, for small business. It’s powerful because it gives you a huge return on investment. You can be very targeted in how you reach people and you can get a big bang for the buck. In that sense, it actually levels the playing field between small businesses and the big guys because you don’t have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to get the kinds of results they’re getting. (more…)