5 Social Media Marketing Apps to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Would you like to improve your social media marketing? Do you want to streamline your social media marketing and make your life a little bit easier? If yes then you must check these five web based apps. As a social media marketer, you’ll likely want to find apps that will help you keep up with social networking and stay productive while on the go.

6 E-Mail Marketing Tool You Should be Using

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You must say era is social media marketing but I will say email marketing still works. It’s not as shiny and sexy as Social Media.

If we talk about why email marketing still works so the answer is it’s an easy way to reach mobile customers and it’s an effective way to keep your customer update.

Automate Invoice Payment Reminders – New Feature

Automate Invoice Payment Reminders – New Feature:

Automate Payment Reminders now Live in CloudBooks

Your CloudBooks account can automatically ping customers to remind them they owe you money and even follow up again when they’re late paying.
Hop into your Settings link in your CloudBooks account. Click on the Emails sub-navigation tab. Click Late Payment Reminders.
You can set up nagging emails to go out automatically at pre-defined times and use neat email “variables” to automatically plug things like the invoice amount or client name into the email template for you.

Play around with the options and the three different reminders you can set up. If you’re not sure how any of this works, just drop me a note suraj@cloudbooksapp.com. Set it, forget it: get paid!

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Track Stock/Inventory in CloudBooks

Track Stock/Inventory in CloudBooks:

A big update today. CloudBooks now offers inventory and stock tracking functionality in our invoicing solution.

Item records (both products and services are supported) contain few fields. You can enter a name, description, cost, quantity, and taxes. Enter the number you currently have in stock, and CloudBooks will reduce that number every time you include that item on an invoice. You can add more items as you purchase them. This is not true inventory-tracking, but it’s more than most of CloudBooks’ competitors offer.

Happy Invoicing :)


team chat
We like to maintain decorum in the office that’s why we generally hate too much speaking in office but love to depict like professional.

Who likes to be yelling from office to office, or sending unnecessary emails? It’s simply a waste of time. The people you work with should all provide their own ideas while keeping everybody on the same page. This is easier when working together in the same physical office space.

Chat applications are necessary tool for developing innovative idea and for keeping your business step ahead in the market. In this article I have gathered 8 Team chat tool and application for your business which will keep you manage chat system.

Need higher email marketing response? Do this

Need higher email marketing response
In our efforts to help you leverage the power of email marketing to work for your business we have listed some of the best practices that you MUST follow to achieve higher response from your email marketing campaigns

1.Use your corporate/business email address for FROM address.
– Avoid using ISPs such as Yahoo,Gmail.
– Consistently use your domain name to build reputation over time.
– With Mail Marketer you can use your own business email address for FROM and REPLY

2.Use Good Contact List
– Send emails to those who want it.
– Avoid purchased leads/list from online. Build your own list.
– Clean your list of bounces regularly.
– Do not resend to bounced email address
– Give minimum 3 days gap of every successive campaign sent to the same contact list.

3. Give Unsubscribe Option
– Include the unsubscribe link both at top and bottom of emails.
– Don’t give your recipient a chance to click ‘Report Spam’.
– Mail Marketer’s one-click unsubscribe feature does wonder, no further emails are sent to
unsubscribed contacts.

4. Create Good Email Content
– Make sure your emails don’t get flagged as spam. Write your suject line more attractive.
– Avoid using words such as ‘Free’, ‘Save’, ‘Discount’ in both the subject line and content.
– Personalize emai ls with the recipients name. Use Custom Fields in Mail Marketer.
– Mail Marketers advanced Spam-Filter Check tool, helps you find and remove spam words from
your content.

– Always include a signature at the bottom of your emails.
– Include your personal,company and contact details.

5 Simple Tools to Improve Your SEO

5 Simple Tools to Improve Your SEO
SEO is important aspect for your site and you need to be careful while planning and applying SEO to your site. You don’t have to know everything about SEO to get the benefits of it.

Improving the SEO rank for your site has been challenge for every business owner and then I started doing some research for the tool more specific to the industry. From the research I found these five tools proved to be best.
I am sure using these tool you can improve your website ranking.


If you’re reading this, you may be considering improving your project efficiency by trying out task management software for the first time, or you may be considering a shift away from an existing program that just isn’t meeting your needs. Whichever situation your business is facing, making the right decision in select- ing your project management software can mean saving resources – a lot of resources – as hours tick by and deadlines creep closer. If you had the chance to flip a switch and ensure better collaboration, organization and results from your team, you wouldn’t hesitate to – and software loaded with these five features is that very switch.

Build a powerful campaign on Twitter

Use this quick list to make sure you’re getting the most out of Twitter Ads:

Boost your site’s traffic with a website clicks campaign. Website clicks campaigns use Website Cards, which are formatted like billboards — using size and click-catching images to bring more traffic to your website from Twitter.

Start with 4-6 Tweets per campaign; add in at least 1 new Tweet every week to keep content fresh. These can be new variations of older Tweets, or completely unique content.

Using just one type of targeting per campaign makes it easier to determine what is working. You can experiment with targeting followers, specific interests, keywords, etc.

Start with a minimum of $25-$50 a day as you determine what works best for your goals. Read up on credit limits and billing FAQs to ensure your campaigns continue running smoothly or click “Help?” on ads.twitter.com to investigate getting a higher limit.

Learn by running multiple, varied campaigns at the same time. This eliminates blind spots and helps you find the most effective campaigns.

Changing Strategies of Search Engine Optimization

Changing Strategies of Search Engine Optimization
The introduction of Google Panda, Penguin, Humming bird along with several major and minor updates that occur all around the year have changed all the perspective of working on search engine optimization. These new algorithms of Google have affected more than 40% of strategies in SEO that one used to perform for the best result in search engines. Other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Askme.com have also slowly started updating their algorithms to have better search results. Being a SEO personal it is vital to work with the changing algorithms of major search engines.