Finding, Hiring and Retaining Great Employees

Finding, Hiring and Retaining Great Employees

Hi, Suraj here with some thoughts on recruiting good employees, how you find them, how you hire them, and what you do with them once you get them. First thing in having success and bringing employees on, and it’s really critical because the most common complaint I hear from business owners is that they’re having employee problems. Well you want success with your employees. The first thing is to have a mind set of being a servant leader. Your job is to make your employees the best they can be. In order to do that, you need good material to work with. The first step is in the interview process. You’re looking among other things for two primary things when you’re hiring someone. You’re looking for character, and then you’re looking for skills and experience. Out of the two, the one that’s most important is character. It’s is very, very difficult to change a person’s character, but you can always train skills. (more…)

Give Your Prospect Three Options to Say Yes to Working with You

Give Your Prospect Three Options to Say Yes to Working with You

Hi reader’s. I want to give you some ideas on how to better negotiate contracts with your clients. When you’re selling services particularly, but it also works when you’re selling products. The idea is that when someone comes to you and wants to buy your services, they usually want the high end of everything that you can do for them, for the absolute lowest price. Of course, that doesn’t make sense, because it we’re going to give them premium or maximum services, we want to be paid for that. We want to be paid fairly for that. One of the problems is that when you offer a customer an opportunity to do work with you and you’re saying, “I’ll give you this maximum level of service,” and they start beating you down on price to get a real discount price for that, sometimes if you need the work, you’re willing to do that and you’re selling yourself short.

How do I send an email to many clients?

How do I send an email to many clients?:
Send Emails to Multiple Clients

1) Go to the “Clients” tab

2) Check the boxes next to the clients you want to email.

3) Click on the “Email” button at the top of the table

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4) Enter a subject

5) Write your message (there are no dynamic variables when sending mass emails)

6) Click “Send” and kick your feet up 😀

NOTE: CloudBooks is not an ideal system for mass emailing. We do allow it, but if you are planning on emailing 10 or more people at one time we would recommend using one of our email marketing partners.