8 Customer Service Software for Small Businesses

8 Customer Service Software for Small Businesses

If you are responsible to provide excellent service to the customers of your business, it is high time to seek help of efficient software. Now days, there are numerous softwares available to make the management of businesses more effectively. Here are some excellent software for you to choose, if you wish to raise your business to the next level and further.

How can I access all the emails that CloudBooks sent out?

CloudBooks stores all emails that get sent out of 150 days and you can access all the emails that CloudBooks sent out. Emails older than 150 days are purged. To access your sent emails:

Go to the “Clients” tab.
Go to the “Sent Emails” sub-tab on top right side or click on any client. You will see a list of all emails that your CloudBooks account has sent out to people
Click on the the in blue to open up and read the email.




6 Essential Online Tool for Freelancer’s Must Try to Work Smarter

When it comes to freelancing, knowing the right tools for the job can make all the difference.

Time is money, Right? The best way to succeed in that new economy is to prepare on time. To use proper tools. To adopt a proper mindset.

Beside your own work, you’ll be responsible to find your clients and convince them to hire you, instead of your competitor.

Being a freelancer you need to know which tool better for you to get the work done.
And here, I will share with you 6 essential online tools which will make you work smarter.